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USMMA Defense Supply Chain Assessment (PDF)

Rare Earths in selected U.S. Defense Applications

Rare Earth Supply Chain Chart

Rare Earths Presentation

USGS RE Minerals Yearbook

Buying Magnets Overseas: A Strategic Decision

High Performance Magnet Materials: Risky Supply Chain

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems DFARS Requirement Letter

The US Magnet Materials Story: Past-Present-Future

Worldwide Rare Earth Oxide Production

REE Production Trends 1956 - 2006

Source US Geological Survey

Production Volumes

  • US share of WW metal magnets (Alnico & Rare Earth i.e. NdFeB & SmCo) < 1% of $3.5B sales
  • US Share of WW hard ferrites < 4% of $2.8B total sales

Magnet Prices $/kg Worldwide

Data courtesy of Webmagnetics

China Rare Earth Price Manipulation
July 14, 2005 Rare Earth Mining Society of China sets protective price minimums – defines penalties/fines of $100/ton REO on companies who sell below government mandated pricing levels.

Nd metal from 2003 @ $8/kg to 2006 @ $28/kg

Historic and Forecast Supply Demand and Pricing

Historic and Forecast Supply Demand and Pricing